About this site:

fantastic literature graphicThis site concerns not myself, but someone who has written what I believe to be a unique and amazing work of fantastic literature.

The author is Simon Otius, a recluse whom I met by chance.

This completed work, which is called Chiliad, above all else promotes, exercises, and celebrates language.

Although, as the author says, “...a story, a plot, is simply a convenient vehicle to drape, to coronate [meaning to crown] with language...”, the plot, too, is very remarkable.

The story concerns a family called Troke who must complete a quest. Births, deaths, geniuses, the biggest maze in the world, a woman flying, murders, suicides, a child-headed goat, a magic madwoman, a huge library, a spellbinding storyteller, a secret tunnel, notorious garden-parties, ganja liqueur, crazy characters, magic perfume, wonderful clock, nineteenth-century robot, scenes of horror, scenes to laugh out loud at,… and everywhere, anywhere, an unknown enemy against which 10 successive women, called Vouchsafes, ever more magically defend themselves and endure.

Beautiful writing, excellent plot; but because Chiliad will prove to be an entirely new reading experience, it will need to be read carefully, slowly, even aloud, for it is not for everybody, in fact almost for nobody, particularly amateurs, those with no perseverance, but for patient, brave, hungry, persistent, tolerant, experienced, smart, even eccentric lovers of literature.


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