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I never imagined it would be so difficult to get this site noticed. I thought there would be more people in the world with sufficient literary taste to realize, - though certainly a difficult work to get into, - Chiliad is a masterly-written curiosity, deserving at least of a comment or two.

But despite the disappointing response, I still firmly believe that this huge and difficult work is a great piece of literature. I have read it, I know where it goes, and how.

I had to start from scratch, I had to learn enough about computers, about the internet, it's not my field, my world, music is my thing, I'm still studying. But literature is my other love, I only have these two. I took a year sabbatical to turn the manuscript into digital: 4000 pages, typewritten, handwritten, cut up and taped together, made it readable, but changed nothing. At first I checked that the facts were correct, the spelling, the dictionary definitions. They all were. Questionable syntax, grammar, and punctuation, proved always to have precedents.

How I came upon Simon Otius and his writing could well serve as an intro to Chiliad, but the author is a profoundly private person; it has taken nearly three years to start writing this blog, which I will delete if it proves unserving.

I need to prove the author's chill warning untrue, that Chiliad was "not for everybody, indeed almost for nobody", for after all he wrote it only for himself.

Anyone out there care enough to comment?

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